• Are your pictures real and recent? Can you send me some more photos to verify that you are real?

    This is one of the most silly and disrespectful questions ever asked. Though sometimes I understand that such an unbelieveable woman like me can only exist in your dreams. But my website, social media, pictures and videos require huge investments of time and money. And yes, everything is real. To verify you can go to my Instagram account and go through my latest posts and pictures from session playtime and more.

  • I am quite new to this. Do You accept total newbies?

    Yes, I do. But you have to remember that once you are in my presence, you will have to give up your male ego and be ready to serve me as I wish.

  • Why do I need to make a deposit? How can I trust You?

    This is the first step that protects me from last minute cancellations and no show ups. This actually protects you too with securing time and date of our meeting. If you don’t feel like trusting me, we should not meet for the session. How can you handle your body and mind over into the hands of someone who you don’t even trust?

  • I don’t have enough to cover Your tribute. Do You offer any discounts?

    I do not have any discounted sessions. It absolutely worth it to save and then come in. I offer superior BDSM experience.

  • I want to bring a gift. What do You prefer?

    I prefer etsy.com gift cards, Armand de Brignac "Ace Of Spades" Champagne or science & art books.

  • Where do sessions take place?

    Sessions take place in my own private equipped studio in upscale business area in South Florida. No sketchy places. Off street parking. Entrance from the street. Everything just the best.

  • Do You offer outcalls?

    I do not offer outcalls to new customers. Though I can do that with regular customers. Outcall tribute structure is: tribute + road expenses + extra 1 hour tribute for my time, effort and consideration. Outcall to hotel is also possible if I book a hotel room in my name.

  • Do You have a collar, whip, some other special equipment?

    I have everything to make our session outstanding and extremely enjoyable by both of us.

  • Is BDSM Safe?

    Though some practices are certainly unsafe, I make sure it will have no harmful impact on you: I always communicate with my customers to know how and what they feel at each stage of our special communication. I always soak and sanitize all my equipment in professional medical solution, all metal parts are baked with extremely high temperatures to ensure they are harmless.

  • What is sensual BDSM?

    Sensual BDSM is also known as "Velvet" in Europe. This is a kind of amateur BDSM play where no real tough BDSM practices are implied. Sensual BDSM usually includes light rope bondage, light pain, worship and submission basics.

  • What are Your limits?

    I will not engage or discuss: nudity from my side, all kind of sexual services, jobs, bondassages, brown showers, age play, family play, heavy needle play, any blood play, animals, minors. I do not switch.

  • I’m into sweaty, smelly, dirty, pantyhose feet. Is it possible to have a session with my fetish involved?

    Yes, completely. I wear same pantyhose piece during several days prior our session to make sure you will get the best of it. Sometimes I jog at the beach and luckiest of slaves get to worship my moist feet freshly out my socks right away.

  • I want to be locked in a chastity. Do You have one?

    I always encourage my customers to have their own intimate equipment. Chastity is like a tooth brush - you gotta have your own (you can even store it at my place). Though I do have chastities to offer. Hop in my office before your busy working day starts, have your useless stuff locked up and covered with ruffle girlie panties. And beg me to unlock it the same day to keep things safe and cool. Hourly locking during the session is also available.

  • I’m a fetishist. I don’t like all this domination stuff. Can I still come?

    Yes, you may. Though it doesn’t really matter if you like it or not. You just have to. No worries, nobody will humiliate you or get you into crazy pain. Have you ever heard of psychological domination? That’s the thing. I create personalized role play scenes to explore fantasies together, so submission would come naturally. Believe me, you will love it.

  • How tall are You and what is your feet size?

    I’m about 170 cm in European Scale. My shoe size is US 8.

  • We are a couple. Can my partner watch?

    Yes, though I always encourage partners to participate in the scene as much as it is possible. This is a pretty intense experience that will give you both memories for years ahead. Keep in mind that the tribute for couples is higher. Consultations and Husband Training is available.