Everybody has a fetish. I understand your fetish like no other, no judgement. Whether it is passion for salty buttery foot bottoms or soul piercing heels, damp pantyhose or exquisite lingerie or armpit smell - I got it.

Though Fetish doesn’t necessarily mean domination, my fetish sessions are based on it. It’s a unique and profound experience, giving all responsibility of your body, mind and life to a superior Female who is going to use You to fulfill her fetishes at the 1st place.

But no worries, this doesn’t mean pain or humiliation.

My interests include and are not limited to:

Foot Fetish (Smelly feet, Dirty feet, Dusty feet, High arches, Long toes, Nail Polish, Nails)

Shoe Fetish (Heels, Stilettos, Wedges, Boots, Fetish Shoes, Shoe Cleaning, Louboutins)

Pantyhose, Stockings, Socks, Smelly Socks, Leggings, Yoga Pants

Latex, PVC, Rubber, Lace, Fur

Hair, Glasses, Office Outfits, Medical Outfits

Food Sploshing, Food Crashing


ASMR, Hypnosis


When You are successful and can afford everything that money can buy, authenticity and sincerity become the things You start looking for and rarely finding it. You start value more things that are not of a material world. For You luxury means safety as well as comfort.

Fully Customizable spectacular sessions designed to create the perfect BDSM scene. Immerse your senses and experience deep satisfaction your mind craves for. Let Powerful and Dangerous Femme take control over You. Go beyond standards - allow yourself the ultimate journey to Luxurious BDSM Experience.