Do You Enjoy what most people find SCARY and INSANE? Hardcore BDSM practices are certainly not for everyone, but if You fall into that category, You are lucky - I love it. Brutal Scenes with no remorse, no mercy. Still incredibly erotically tense. If You love suspense, pain, being on the edge and only this makes You feel truly free and safe in this world of rules and standards, Welcome to Your Personal Hell!

Though some practices can be unsafe while performed by amateur, as an experienced professional I make sure it will have no harm to You: I always communicate with my slaves as much as possible to know how and what they feel at each stage of our special communication. I always soak and sanitize all my equipment in professional medical solution, all metal parts are baked or boiled with extremely high temperatures to ensure they are harmless. You don't have to be experienced, but no step back until the game is over. No pain no gain, but keep in mind that Safety, Privacy and Consent are my main priorities.

Chastity Training

BB, Extreme BB

Breath Play







All Hardcore sessions require Risk Aware Consensual Kink Contract signing. Picture ID required. Higher rate implies.