Discover VELVET BDSM MEDLEY: The novelty of physical sensations, combined with the mental eroticism of power-plays. Light domination and sadistic sparks combined with fetish elements will definitely bring a tantalizingly taboo element to your Secret Life. Non-damaging pain will get your whole body peaking as Your mind will slowly start embracing deep sacred sensual Pleasure of subspace.

Sensual BDSM is mostly suitable for ladies and newcomers. Sensual BDSM session may include: silk ropes, blindfolds, hot wax therapy, feathers, ice cubes to intensify sensual experience several practices may be combined. Biting, clawing, nipple clamps, suede floggers are used commonly in combination with restraining and blindfolding to immerse yourself totally new experience.

Sensual BDSM session I offer to all those who are not sure if they are into BDSM and would like to try this little piece of forbidden fruit. Never underestimate the fact that Your very first BDSM experience will most certainly provoke deep emotional response and strong memories. So it is crucial to find the right person to share this unique experience with You. Someone who will guide You, master You, train You… Put yourself in the best hands just because we live once and You absolutely deserve this.