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Indulging in the erotic world of BDSM is a thrilling experience, one that requires utmost respect and proper decorum. As a dominatrix, I am devoted to providing a safe, consensual, and unforgettable experience for my discerning clientele. However, I require strict adherence to a set of rules and guidelines that ensure the smooth running of our sessions.

To initiate a session with me, you are required to complete an Application Form. This form serves as a means of scheduling an appointment for either an online session, dinner, or consultation.

I expect and demand appropriate addressing and courteous communication at all times. You may call me Miss, Mistress, Goddess, or Madame. My ears delight in the sweet sound of Miss ExtraVaganza or Madame.

Inappropriate addressing and explicit questions will result in the immediate termination of any contact with me. I maintain a high level of decorum and demand nothing less from my clients.

I strongly recommend booking in advance as preparing for the session requires time and effort, and I invest my time and divine powerful energy into creating an artful scene. Note that BDSM is not my profession, but a secret getaway that allows me and my clientele to safely exit routine life and come back as good as new. Therefore, I reserve my time for select clientele only.

Please note that I do not provide sexual services, and I do not engage in brown showers, age play, family-themed play, needle play, any blood play, animals, minors, or any kind of jobs, massages, bondassages or body worship.

A deposit is required for all bookings, and tribute is non-negotiable. Be prepared to present your tribute in the beginning of the session. I prefer plain, unsealed envelopes, and black ones impress me the most. Tasteful greeting cards with meaningful messages and flowers bring me pleasure. You have only one chance to make the first impression. Be the constant companion of my thoughts — send me a GIFT or a TRIBUTE.

Coming to my lair of sacred BDSM eroticism, always remember that you are here for my pleasure and not the other way.

Please note that pushing any of my limits ruins the entire mood for me, leaving a lingering bad impression that means we will never see each other again.

I do not extend bookings on the spot due to my busy business woman schedule. Therefore, plan our time in advance.

Dinners, drinks, and shopping sprees are considered session-related and will be charged accordingly.

For my sessions, I prefer the CFNM protocol, and I do not see non-submissive fetishists. I do not do 20-30-40 minutes sessions for a reduced tribute.

I reserve the right to stop the session if any of my limits are being pushed, and I do not switch. Please do not contact me if you position yourself as an alpha-male. There is no such concept in FEMDOM, and it's not interesting.

Everything that happens between us stays strictly confidential, and I will never contact you first, including social media, messengers, emails, or phone calls. You initiate all communication and choose the channel.


For safety and security reasons, I do not accommodate incognito requests. To make a request you must provide the following information: established social media links, a professional LinkedIn profile link, or a link to a professional website that references your name.

As a fellow business professional, I assure you the utmost confidentiality and privacy. I am verified through well-established social media profiles (such as my verified Twitter account established in 2016) and a premium content platform that mandates government ID and tax information for profile setup (LoyalFans).

Kindly refrain from submitting your application if you are not comfortable with the verification process. Your privacy and discretion are of paramount importance.

Note my Deposit and Cancellation Policy:

A deposit of 50% of the total booked time is required for each booking.

Cancellation is free of charge if you notify me at least a week in advance.

Less than a week — deposit can be applied to the next available time.

48-6 hours — 50% of the tribute*.

Within 6 hours — full tribute*.

*Tribute is non-negotiable.

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