bdsm FAQ with dominatrix mistress ExtraVaganza

I would describe my style as naturally sensually erotic, though demanding. My angelic looks and sadistic mind is a perfect male ego neutralizing combination that sparks natural desire to submit.
The sound of my voice, soothing yet stern, has the ability to send you into a euphoric mind space. My play style ranges from dark and sensual scenarios to sophisticated power plays. I exude dominance and control in details that reach the subconscious mind. I would describe it as a mysterious and unique adventure that I would like to spoil myself with and give you a moment to witness me in all my inexplicably addictive supremacy. Learn more about me HERE.

The most important thing that I enjoy in a session is your full submission. Dipping your toes into Female supremacy world with me by your side means that you do not have to make any decisions during our time together. I say and you do.
Most often my play partners ask how to please me. The overwhelming feeling of taking control of a man who's consent and desire I ultimately hold is the biggest turn on for me and sends me into absolute outer domspace. More about my personal interests HERE.

I do not engage in anything that is related to:

  • Tribute or deposit negotiation

  • Nudity on my side

  • Body Worship

  • Ass Worship

  • Massages/Bondassages

  • All kind of -jobs

  • Non-submissive play partners

  • Topping from the bottom

  • Touching me anywhere above the knee without my permission

  • Pushing my limits

  • Minors

  • Animals

  • Blood

  • Needles

  • Brown Showers

  • Extreme body damaging scenarios

  • Age play, family play

  • Non-fantasy cuckolding

  • Other people in the session that we have not discussed prior to our meeting

Read complete etiquette HERE.

US 8.

Absolutely. I work out quite often. Sometimes I jog at the beach and luckiest of slaves get to worship my moist feet freshly out my socks right away.

Please send me a submission HERE to get more information about the tribute. Every experience is unique and requires a different approach. Deposit is the first step of the booking process that protects me from last minute cancellations. Deposit protects you by securing time and date of our meeting.

Being a Dominatrix is not just a temporary job for me, it’s a passionate hobby, a secret, the red pill that allows me and my play partners to safely exit routine life and come back as good as new, therefore I reserve my time exclusively for a select clientele. My tribute structure allows me to work less and preserve my divine energy for refreshingly immersive adventures. Rather than being a high-volume dominatrix, I have chosen my own way, which my high profile play partners appreciate the most. Booking a session with me, you will always be the only single person I see for that day. All my thoughts and fantasies will be revolving around you and our time together. I do not offer discounted sessions. It is absolutely worth it to save and then come in. I offer superior BDSM experience.

Sending a gift for me is a great way to stand out from countless requests I receive on a regular basis and helps to establish the right Goddess Worship Atmosphere. Ignite my interest and send me a gift HERE.

You can receive a text message, voice, picture or video message from me HERE. Read more about online sessions with me HERE.

Sessions take place in luxury loft studio. No sketchy places. Off street parking and public covered parking. Entrance from the street. Everything just the best.

I do offer outcalls at my discretion. I will possibly need more information about your persona and references. Use contact form HERE to request a session.

Yes, I do. But You have to remember that once you are in my presence, you will have to be ready to serve me as I wish. Natural empath, I am constantly exploring you and your mind to find the best way for us to submerge into blissful satisfaction. Never underestimate the fact that your very first BDSM experience will most certainly provoke deep emotional response and create strong memories. So it is crucial to find the right person to share this unique experience with you. Someone who will guide you, master you, train you…Put yourself in the best hands just because we live once and you absolutely deserve this.

Yes, I do. BDSM Session for Couples is a pretty intense experience that will give you both spicy memories for years ahead.

As all my sessions have absolute female supremacy energy and atmosphere, I do not tolerate any kind of alpha-male energy during play time. I currently do not see non-submissive fetishists.

Though some practices are certainly unsafe, I make sure it will have no harmful impact on you: I always communicate with my clients about how and what they feel at each stage of our time together. I always soak and sanitize all my equipment in a professional medical solution, all metal parts are baked with extremely high temperatures to ensure they are harmless. I do not session from commercial and rental dungeons due to high people traffic and possible risks of cross-contamination.

Everything that happens between us and all the information you provide stays strictly confidential. All information sent via is encrypted and protected by a web privacy certificate. As a popular professional I often deal with well-known individuals, public figures and privacy sensitive government professionals. They greatly value me for my professional secret keeping qualities. For privacy reasons I will never contact you first, never message you without prior arrangement and consent from your side on any social media platform, via text message or phone call.

You will get detailed instructions on what to do before the session and upon arrival once we set a date and time.

This is one of the most silly and awkward questions ever asked. Though I understand that such an unbelievable woman like me can only exist in your dreams, my website, social media, pictures, videos and stellar reputation confirm my authenticity. And yes, I am a 100% real Goddess. You can explore my latest posts and pictures from session playtime and more HERE for the latest photos and HERE for the latest videos.

No. If I decided to move on and stop seeing you, there is a reason for that. I reserve my energy and time for those I have real chemistry with. Even in vanilla life I would never have a friendship or get into an intimate atmosphere with a man who only cares about himself. I appreciate true submissive good boys who put my well-being first, serve my wishes, share passion for my kinks, and make my life easier and enjoyable.